Scottish Battles And Castles App

This is the essential smartphone app for visiting beautiful Scotland with its wonderful castles, battlefields, battlefield memorials, abbeys, palaces, visitor centres and places of historical interest. The app covers 220 locations with 900 photographs.

Scotland is one of the most romantic of countries, with its misty heather glens, miles and miles of white beaches, crystal blue waters and lochs that look like mirrors. These are all set against a background of stunning snow capped mountains.

However, there is another, darker side to Scotland, with its blood soaked and turbulent history, that pitted clan against clan. That saw Scotland ripped apart in a brutal civil war, with risings and rebellions that ended with the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1746 at the Battle of Culloden. Scotland is crammed full of history, with castles steeped in tales of ghosts, torture, dungeons, of sieges, and of betrayal.

From the mystical Isle of Skye to the Lowlands, this app will help guide you to some of the amazing sites of interest - from Scotland's most haunted castle, to the battlefields of Culloden, Prestonpans, Falkirk and Bannockburn. See the oldest stone memorial to Sir William Wallace and the prison where a five-year-old old French drummer boy was held. It also contains a wealth of practical and useful information for any traveller including visitor centres, food and drink, opening hours, etc, helping you to plan your tour.

  • 220 locations from Highlands and Islands to the Lowlands
  • 900 photographs
  • Each location has photos, historical info, website links, Sat Nav coordinates
  • Historical guide to Scotland - from the Wars of Independence to the Battle of Culloden
  • History page with fully researched, concise history on William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, the Covenanters and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  • History of the Clans, their castles, their mottos, their lands
  • All locations have also been categorised into 6 colour coded groups:
  • Castles
  • Battlefields
  • Memorials
  • Visitor Centres
  • Abbeys/Palaces
  • Historical Interest
  • Colour-coded pins (showing different location 'types' e.g. Keep, Ruined Castle, Cairn, etc)

Scottish Battles and Castles is packed full of information, facts and stories of the ordinary Scot, the Clan Chiefs, the Generals, the Kings, the Covenanters, and the Jacobites who fought for the restoration of the Stuart Kings.

Stories that include the treachery of those who betrayed William Wallace and the Marquis of Montrose, to one of courage which seen Flora MacDonald helping Bonnie Prince Charlie escape 'over the sea to Skye'.

It is a great way to learn about all the history of Scotland, and can be used whether or not you are actually on site. If you're using the app in the local region covered by the pins, it will help you navigate to your chosen locations. If not, the app is designed and produced to give an in-depth overview of the many varied, and interesting sites, giving the remote user the feeling of being there.


  • Zoom to specific site locations
  • Your current position highlighted on the in-built map (iPhone)
  • Each location is colour coded and shown in List view as well as the Map view
  • Colour-coded pins (showing different location 'types' e.g. Keep, Ruined Castle, Cairn, etc)
  • Favourites list page to shortlist your locations, helping you to plan your tour
  • Favourites map page to show your locations, helping you to plan your tour
  • Incredibly easy to navigate around the map
  • GPS positions included for individual sites
  • Cut and paste facility to transfer GPS coordinates to your inbuilt phone Sat Nav

More apps on the way...

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I keep my apps simple to use but with enough, thoroughly researched and relevant information, that you will learn lots more about the locations that you visit.

I want my apps to take the hassle out of travel, leaving you much more time to savour and appreciate the sites and places of interest.



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