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Spot On Locations smartphone apps  will take you on amazing journeys to destinations in history where famous events took place - to the battlefields of France, Belgium and Scotland.

I am a freelance journalist specialising in battlefield remembrance tourism and have worked with a number of tourist boards over the years. I have also been a battlefield guide since 2010, travelling all over France and Belgium with groups of all sizes, direct from Scotland.

However, I believe that many people love to travel under their own 'steam'. Hence in 2013, I launched my first app for the Great War. Nothing beats travelling along at your own pace, and getting lost is okay, if you have loads of time to spare.

So far, I have developed three apps - The 'Great War Battlefields of the Western Front', 'Normandy D-Day1944' and 'Scottish Battles and Castles'. One for Verdun, the Meuse-Argonne and St Mihiel Salient is in the pipeline.

They take you along the battlefield front line from Flanders in Belgium to the Somme in France. The Normandy D-Day 1944 app takes you along all the landing beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword, plus further inland to some very interesting locations to cover 'The Breakout'. The new memorial to Major Dick Winters is just one of the many locations along the Band of Brothers trail.

The Scottish Battles and Castles app takes you from the mystical Isle of Skye, Lewis and Uist, to the Highlands and Lowlands. It will help guide you to some of the amazing sites of interest - from Scotland's most haunted castle to the sombre battlefields of Culloden, Prestonpans, Falkirk and Bannockburn. You can see the oldest stone memorial to Sir William Wallace and the prison where a five-year-old French drummer boy was held.

I want to share with you, using my apps, the locations of the many famous, and not so famous, interesting locations in Scotland, on the Western Front and in Normandy. You will probably find yourself visiting more than once, beautiful Scotland, the battlefields of the Great War and Normandy. One visit will always leave you wanting more. Guaranteed!

There is a vast array of historical sites to see - from the huge variety of castles, museums, visitor centres, battlefields, monuments and memorials, to the simplest of cemeteries - often right out in the middle of a field in France.

No one can visit these sites and not be moved

My years of expert experience and my combined thousands of miles travelled, will help you to know more about visiting the battlefields and historical locations. To make it easier to get from A to B, to help you be selective about where you want to go, plan your itinerary, and give you more time to savour the experience on the battlefields. It can be a very emotional and fascinating journey at the same time.

I always welcome feedback and hope that my apps will enhance your time spent journeying around Scotland, on the Great War Western Front or in Normandy. However, if you cannot visit these places in person, these app have tons of historical and useful info, plus photos on each location. You can tour from the comfort of your sofa. You can also check out my regular blog articles on the Great War, Normandy and Scotland.

Bon Voyage! Evelyn McKechnie

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